Friday, July 16, 2010


We just got back from a 2 week road trip to Telluride. The views are breathtaking, and the mountain bike riding and hiking is awesome. We had a great time with the waggers. They love chasing marmots and prairie dogs...very exciting. Every day we had people stop us to ask about the dogs. The two things I would say - Vizsla - Thank you. What kind of dogs are those? Vizslas They are so beautiful. Thank you. Yes, these waggers are pretty cute. We had a couple beautiful camp sites about 5 miles outside of Telluride...we were right in the middle of an aspen grove. It's such a wonderful place, we didn't want to leave.

Next stop is Sunny Valley, Idaho in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for more adventures. I'll try to take more pictures.

Nevada City - Yuba River

I'm way behind on my postings. Over Father's Day weekend we went to Nevada City to watch a bike race and we camped out on the Yuba River for a few days. The girl that won the woman's race (Katrina Nash) also has a Vizsla. Katrina and her husband stopped by to see us with their Vizsla and we also ran into 2 other Vizsla owners. It was a little tailgate party.

The hiking on the Yuba river is so much fun. Lotsa of trails and water.