Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wounded in Action

It's a great hike when Turbie finds a tennis ball on the trail. Proudly she prances around with the ball she found. She loves to put the ball at the edge of a ravine, give it a nudge and go barreling down after it. Remo has no interest in running down the steep ravine after a ball. He has better things to do.

I never heard a peep out of Turbie, but I'm guessing she went flying over a branch that maybe caught hold of her. When we got home from our muddy hike, I put the dogs in the shower. When I was drying Turbie I noticed some blood on the towel and I found the wound...another trip to pet emergency in San Rafael. It seems as though everything happens after our vets office closes for the day.

Turbie's wound wasn't too bad, it just required a few staples and some antibiotics. She was back in action the next day, but has to wear a t-shirt until she gets the staples removed.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rubber Chicken

Not dog related, but this morning we did the rubber chicken ride. This ride has been going on for 20 years. The ride goes every Friday at 730am from Mill Valley and loops around Tiburon to finish in Corte Madera. Today, Brian and I won the rubber chicken on the tandem. NO ONE could come around us! hee, hee We get to hold on to this prestigious prize until next Friday.

I think I better hide the chicken from Remo.

Jalama - Hidden Treasure

I'm a little slow with my blog. A few weeks ago for Brian's b-day we went to Jalama Beach for a long weekend. We picked the perfect weekend, because the weather was warm and plenty of sunshine. Check out the beautiful sunset from the wagger mobile.

This place is very dog friendly, with a lot of beach for the dogs to run.

For Brian's b-day I got him a nice cigar to enjoy while the sun was setting.

Looking forward to another trip to this place.