Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Chatham Ranch

We drove up to Mendocino county for an olive picking party at a friends ranch. We decided to take the rv up the night before and stay at their ranch. Driving up the twisty narrow driveway seemed a bit technical, but Brian maneuvered the rv without any problems. We parked in a field that was close to their house. It was dark by the time we got up there, but we woke up to a spectacular view.

In the morning, we walked with the dogs along the dirt roads that meandered around the hills through the vineyards. The dogs went absolutely crazy. They ran through the fields checking out the new surroundings. Later on that morning, about 80 people and 24 dogs showed up for the olive picking. I was glad to see our dogs weren't the only ones eating olives. I was wondering what the outcome would be later on from all of the olive grubbing. It was a fantastic day, but by 4pm the dogs were tired and ready to go home.

p.s. the outcome of the olive eating - Remo got sick in the middle of the night and Turbie had pitty poops!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Laurel Trail - Tam Valley

It amazes me, that we still discover new trails out our back door. This one is a gem and we can make a 2 or 4 hour loop out of it. The trail is about a 10 minute leash walk from our house and then we hit Laurel trail. Eventually this connects to a network of familiar trails in the headlands and you have the option of several loops. My favorite is taking Laurel to Miwok and then back home on Rhubarb trail. The dogs love the single track and the wide open space. There are a lot of critters out there and good things to sniff. For some reason they aren't keen about trotting along on a fire road.