Friday, November 27, 2009

Coyote Ridge

We drove up Highway 1 (about 10 minutes from our house)and hit a trail head to Coyote Ridge. At the peak we could look down and see Muir Beach and from the other side we could see the East Bay. We left our house a little late in the day and by the time we finished the hike it was dark. Did I mention how much I hate ticks? Most of them I could flick off, but we had a few that required the tweezers...definitely need to see about getting some Neem Oil. As soon as we got home, I checked the dogs again and found more. I may need to make a trip into the vets office in the morning, because I found one on Turbie that may have been there for a day or so. It seemed to fester and was in pretty deep. Brian was performing surgery and we aren't sure if we got it all out..arghhhhhh. Turbie got a lot of treats for being a good patient.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rainy Days

Rain or shine, we hit the trails. We may do something short on a rainy day, but we all need to get some excercise. Often, people ask me if our dogs are hyper. I always say, you need to channel their energy, and that's what we love to do every day on our adventures. We left early this morning, before the storm move in. When we got home, we started the fireplace and got cozy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ft. Cronkite

Today, we went out to Ft. Cronkite. This area has a lot of options, because you have rodeo beach, and you also have trails that go up to the headlands area. We decided to hit the trails and we did a big loop (almost 2 hrs). The first half was all uphill until, we got to the radar station and then we dropped down to coastal trail and eventually to the miwok trail. The views are absolutely amazing and it was a crystal clear day. This is the first time I took the dogs out on these trails and they loved it...there's a lot of good things to sniff, but there are also a lot of coyotes in this area, so you need to keep your eyes open. I also found out there are a lot of ticks in that broom brush. Most of them I could flick off the dogs, but I had to pull out the tweezers to get a few of them. Poor Turbie got one in her ear and another one on her bottom. I even got bit by one on my neck...those things are nasty! On the way back to the parking lot, we walked along the beach a bit, cuz the dogs love running in the sand. They were a bit tuckered out, when we got back to the truck.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chasing Rabbits

It's a good day, if we find a jack rabbit in the wetlands. We were searching high & low for rabbits and we only found one. The rabbit population seems to be dwindling in this area...too many dogs chasing them. Where ever we go, Turbie is always good at sniffing out a tennis ball. For her a tennis ball is almost as exciting as a jack rabbit.

Riding on Mt. Tam "Gentlemen's Loop"

We have a few rides we do on Mt. Tam a couple times a week with the dogs. Today, we did the Gentleman's Loop...up railroad grade, to hoo-koo-e-koo, blithdale summit, and back to railroad grade. We add on another loop in the beginning to make the ride a little longer. This is a great ride on a warm day, because we have about 4 water stops on the way. The weather has been perfect the past couples weeks...not too hot.