Friday, November 27, 2009

Coyote Ridge

We drove up Highway 1 (about 10 minutes from our house)and hit a trail head to Coyote Ridge. At the peak we could look down and see Muir Beach and from the other side we could see the East Bay. We left our house a little late in the day and by the time we finished the hike it was dark. Did I mention how much I hate ticks? Most of them I could flick off, but we had a few that required the tweezers...definitely need to see about getting some Neem Oil. As soon as we got home, I checked the dogs again and found more. I may need to make a trip into the vets office in the morning, because I found one on Turbie that may have been there for a day or so. It seemed to fester and was in pretty deep. Brian was performing surgery and we aren't sure if we got it all out..arghhhhhh. Turbie got a lot of treats for being a good patient.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a great walk. Bailey and Chloe would love to join you one day. Ticks are so much fun.
    The one that dug into my right arm pit was quite painful. Took many off the dogs over the last few weeks.
    Oh well, I guess I could keep them on concrete paths. NOT!