Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Morning in the Wetlands

I try to get over to the Corte Madera wetlands every week...that's the name I gave this area. The trailhead is right across the street from Macy's. I think this is their favorite place to go, but be prepared to have a mucky dog when you are finished with your adventure. Last week, Remo disgusted too much salt water, so bring plenty of fresh water with you. This is a wide open space, with a trail around the perimeter and small trails that meander through the grass and marsh fields. I just like to explore, so we spend a couple hours out there. Today, they found plenty of jack rabbits to chase. So much fun, I don't think they were ready to leave.


Time with Boon

Turbie and Remo love to spend time with Boon. Whenever he comes over to our house they both greet him with lots of licks and snuggles. Remo has to follow him everywhere. Turbie and Boon have a moment together in this picture...I think Remo already retired to the bedroom.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Off Leash Ticket

I received a courtesy notice for my off leash arrest on Ring Mountain. The bail due amount is $173.00...OUCH. That really seems a little steep to me. Did I mention no one was out there on the trail, except for me, Turbie, Remo, and the ranger! Did I also mention my dogs are under voice command! Did I also mention the dogs were standing 1 foot away from me when I got stopped by the ranger and the dog leashes were around my neck. I definitely need to be more careful when I'm out there poaching trails.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vizslas Only

On Sunday, there's a Vizsla walk at Pt. Pinole. I've done this walk a few times and it's a great time for everyone. We are usually out there for a few hours running the dogs along the trails and through the woods, and we always make a stop for some swim time in the bay. The "trail leader" Kay always gives each dog a well deserved biscuit at the end of the walk. I really enjoy this day, because it's a wonderful way to socialize your dogs with other dogs.

Here's a few photos from todays outing. cm.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Briones Regional Park

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera on today's mountain bike ride. I met up with another Vizsla owner Rod and his 2 dogs Chloe & Bailey. We had a great time riding the trails in this area. There's really a lot more to check out. I just looked at the trail map when I got home and the trail network is amazing. I may go back there in a couple days for another ride. The other bonus was a couple nice ponds to cool off the dogs. Lastly, it's LEGAL to ride your bikes on the trails with the dogs off leash!

I'll take some photos on my next ride in this area...stay tuned.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ring Mountain

Ring Mountain is in Tiburon and it has panoramic views of Mt. Tam, Goldengate Bridge, Richmond Bridge, and the Bay Bridge. I love going hiking here, but during the summer months I stayed away due to the foxtail season.

It was a hot one out there this morning and there's not much for shade, there's also not much for water. Most of the streams are dried up, except for one waterhole I found...luckily I brought water along and we were good to go for a couple hours. I love this place in the spring, because the fields are green and wide open, and the dogs really like running in this area. Not sure if I would recommend this place during Indian Summer.

As we were almost finished with our hike, I was coming off a rocky trail onto a fire road and I had the bad luck to run into a ranger with the dogs off leash...busted. That was my first encounter with a ranger, so I consider myself lucky up to this point. I don't really have a problem with the ticket, because I think about all the trails I have poached over the years on my mountain bike and with the dogs off leash. Once in a while you have to pay the price. C'mon a Vizsla on leash in wide open space...impossible. :)

You know it's been a good hike, when you have tired pups when you get home.