Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Off Leash Ticket

I received a courtesy notice for my off leash arrest on Ring Mountain. The bail due amount is $173.00...OUCH. That really seems a little steep to me. Did I mention no one was out there on the trail, except for me, Turbie, Remo, and the ranger! Did I also mention my dogs are under voice command! Did I also mention the dogs were standing 1 foot away from me when I got stopped by the ranger and the dog leashes were around my neck. I definitely need to be more careful when I'm out there poaching trails.



  1. Cindy, thanks for the heads up. I am always wanting to let the dogs off leash when we are out "by ourselves". I guess it is revenue to pay the days wages for that ranger.
    What a way to make a buck.

  2. That's horrendous Cindy - I guess we're lucky in the UK because dogs are allowed to walk "off the leash" anywhere as long as they're under control (i.e. voice/whistle commands). Juliet