Saturday, September 19, 2009

Briones Regional Park

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera on today's mountain bike ride. I met up with another Vizsla owner Rod and his 2 dogs Chloe & Bailey. We had a great time riding the trails in this area. There's really a lot more to check out. I just looked at the trail map when I got home and the trail network is amazing. I may go back there in a couple days for another ride. The other bonus was a couple nice ponds to cool off the dogs. Lastly, it's LEGAL to ride your bikes on the trails with the dogs off leash!

I'll take some photos on my next ride in this area...stay tuned.



  1. It was nice to have you and your great dogs company. These are really enjoyable trails for human and dog.

  2. Hi Cindy - good to see you "following" Radar! The area round SF looks incredible - puts the UK to shame! My "other half", John, is working in Pittsburgh at the moment &, because misses Radar & has to have his "Vizsla Fix", managed to get to know Rod, Chloe & Bailey! Enjoy your vizzies. Juliet & Radar