Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ring Mountain

Ring Mountain is in Tiburon and it has panoramic views of Mt. Tam, Goldengate Bridge, Richmond Bridge, and the Bay Bridge. I love going hiking here, but during the summer months I stayed away due to the foxtail season.

It was a hot one out there this morning and there's not much for shade, there's also not much for water. Most of the streams are dried up, except for one waterhole I found...luckily I brought water along and we were good to go for a couple hours. I love this place in the spring, because the fields are green and wide open, and the dogs really like running in this area. Not sure if I would recommend this place during Indian Summer.

As we were almost finished with our hike, I was coming off a rocky trail onto a fire road and I had the bad luck to run into a ranger with the dogs off leash...busted. That was my first encounter with a ranger, so I consider myself lucky up to this point. I don't really have a problem with the ticket, because I think about all the trails I have poached over the years on my mountain bike and with the dogs off leash. Once in a while you have to pay the price. C'mon a Vizsla on leash in wide open space...impossible. :)

You know it's been a good hike, when you have tired pups when you get home.


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  1. Exactly how much was that ticket??? It was worth it!! The photos and stories are sooo cute! I love checking in on your adventures!!