Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heading to Oregon

Part 1 -
We're leaving tomorrow at the crack of dawn for Bend and then eventually on to Hood River. Both of these places bring back fond memories of our bike racing days, but the road bikes will be staying home. We will be traveling with our red waggers and the mountain bikes. We intend to do a lot of hiking and riding in both areas. with the dogs in tow.

Part 2 -
It was all good in Oregon. We took the dogs on their first mountain bike ride and it went really well. They absolutely loved running behind the bikes. We spent a lot of time hiking and riding in the Bend & Hood River area. It was all good except for our last day, the temperature dropped to 40 degrees and rainy. We still did a good ride, but cut it a bit short. In Hood River, I met every Vizsla owner in town. One of the Vizslas we met, was 10 week old Stella, that was from the same breeder as my Turbie &'s a small world and somehow they were all related.

Now, I'm trying to figure out some dog mountain bike loops in Marin. It could be a bit tricky with all of the "trail laws" in place, but if we're fast & stealth I can already think of a few places.


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