Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Sur

We did our first RV trip to Big Sur. We started out early Friday morning to beat the commute traffic. Turbie and Remo were all curled up for their first trip.

As we got to Big Sur we noticed the sign "all campgrounds full". This wasn't a good sign. We planned to stay at Kirk Creek and they don't allow reservations, so it's a first come first serve basis. This campground only has 34 sites and it's sits on a cliff above the ocean with spectacular views. Sure enough it was also full, so we had to go to plan "B". That means wing it, cuz there was no plan B. We ended up driving to San Simeon and we found a really nice site there. We asked for a nice spot away from everyone and we had a really good view. Brian put up a small fence, so the dogs wouldn't bother other people trying to have a picnic. They love to grub around for a hotdog or a hamburger.

The next day we tried again to get into Kirk Creek, but it was still full. They told us we could get a site the following night. We then got a good tip, to take a narrow road up to the trails and we would find pull outs for parking & camping. This probably ended up being the best tip. We found a beautiful spot with a view of Big Sur. It was also about 20 degrees warmer as we drove up from the coast. We had some trails to hike on from this road, but it was pretty hot on the trails. We ended up doing a couple shorter hikes, so we weren't in the heat too long.

On our last day we finally ended up in Kirk Creek and we had a beautiful spot. It was a bit foggy on our last day, but when we walked across the road to the trail head, the temperature changed drastically. It was really pleasant hiking back down into the fog. We also had a trail that took us down to the ocean. It was a beautiful area, but no beach, just a lot of rocks.

On our way home yesterday, we stop in Carmel and hit the public beach off Ocean St. This is a great beach for dogs and no leashes are required.

Our first trip was a great adventure. We have a lot of things to learn with the RV and researching camp sites and destinations. This first trip was trial by error, but we ended up having a great time. I think we picked a perfect time to go, because this area can get really foggy in the summer.

This weekend we're off to the Yuba River.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ready for a Road Trip

We just picked up our new RV the other day and we spent most of today getting everything organized for our first road trip. I think our first trip will be down the coast next weekend to Carmel, Big Sur, and Santa Barbara to hit every beach on the way. Check out our new digs for many more red wagger adventures.

p.s. yes, Hugo the loft bed has been reserved for you!