Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ready for a Road Trip

We just picked up our new RV the other day and we spent most of today getting everything organized for our first road trip. I think our first trip will be down the coast next weekend to Carmel, Big Sur, and Santa Barbara to hit every beach on the way. Check out our new digs for many more red wagger adventures.

p.s. yes, Hugo the loft bed has been reserved for you!


  1. Enjoy the road with the dogs. We love our motorhome and you will to.

    I have many pictures of Vizsla adventures in our motorhome.

    Rod, Joanie, Bailey and Chloe

  2. We borrowed my parents RV and went down the Coast a few weeks ago. Four adults and 2 Great Danes! It was really fun!!

    Have a great time!