Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking for a RV

Brian and I have been looking for a RV the past couple weeks. Saturday, we drove up to Roseville to check out a few, Tubie & Remo both liked the one we saw in Roseville. We did a test drive and they found their spot on the sofa. They also liked the dealership, cuz they left pizza sitting around (unattended) and Turbie managed to eat all the toppings. She was very thirsty on the drive home!

Yesterday, we drove to Grass Valley to look at a few more. Turbie & Remo met with the salesman to negotiate a price. They also had another Vizsla Reggie in the dealership that was 7 months old. One more dog to play with, unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of Reggie, but he was a handsome dog.

Hopefully, we'll make a decision by the end of this week. Just in time for the road trip season.


  1. Thats pretty cool! Hitting the road, thats the way all the Aussies seem to travel, but they tend to pull a trailer

  2. Sweet- that thing is pimp. Have you considered a sportsmobile 4x4? Helene and I have sportsmobile envy.

  3. Good looking rig. We really enjoy our older '89 Aero Cruiser 23 foot motorhome.

    Small in a RV is a good thing. Make sure the BED IS COMFORTABLE! That is the most important part of any RV.

    Bailey and Chloe love to ride the miles away on the couch or in the bed in back.
    We have gone to a dozen field trials in "Buddy" and other trips.
    RV's and good field dogs go hand in hand.