Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to the Beach

I always head back to the beach when I'm tired of the ticks. By the time the ticks go away, the foxtail will be in full bloom...I would rather deal with ticks. No problems going to the beach, just a little sand and salt water to rinse off. We're lucky Crissy Field is so close to us, it's just short drive across the bridge. It's a popular place for the dog walkers in the city. We always see a few other Vizslas out here.


  1. Great photos as always...makes me think I should take Radar & Rio to the beach this morning!

  2. Hi Juliet,

    I have been using Neem Oil and Neem Shampoo on the dogs. Unfortunately, I didn't use the oil the other day, because it seemed as though the tick season was over...not. I have to say the oil does help, but they do still get some ticks. I prefer using these products instead of those nasty chemicals in Frontline or Advantage. I don't find those products that effective and the chemicals are bad news.

    I hope all is well with you, Radar, & Rio. Isn't it great having to V's? Nothing better! cm.