Monday, May 3, 2010

Tucker Trail

Today we went over to Kentfield and we did a hike on the Tucker trail. This trail is so shaded and there are still a lot of waterfalls...perfect for a warm day. It's a good 2 hour hike and mostly uphill in one direction. We probably hit 8 water crossings on our hike. Great for everyone to cool down. When we got back to the truck, I probably pulled 10 ticks off the dogs. If they would stay on the trail we could avoid the ticks, but what fun is that, they are too busy running through the brush.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic walk - we're looking forward to the time that Rio can join Radar in some "uphill" walking!
    Re ticks (we get loads here particularly in the New Forest) - not sure if you can get hold of a product called Neem (it's from an Indian bark)? It's absolutely brilliant for repelling ticks (& fleas) & is completely natural (I avoid drugs/chemicals where ever possible!!) - all you do it spray or rub some on to their chests & shoulders...ticks hate it! If you forget to apply it (as I often do when having "senior moments"!!), all you have to do is dab some on the tick & it comes away very easily.