Friday, November 20, 2009

Rainy Days

Rain or shine, we hit the trails. We may do something short on a rainy day, but we all need to get some excercise. Often, people ask me if our dogs are hyper. I always say, you need to channel their energy, and that's what we love to do every day on our adventures. We left early this morning, before the storm move in. When we got home, we started the fireplace and got cozy.


  1. Hi- we just found your blog & can't wait to follow your adventures. I've added you to my list of blogging vizslas.

  2. Cindy,
    I'll post some pictures of how Chloe and Bailey burn off energy on a rainy day on Joanie's treadmill. They both walk about 1/2 hour and take turns. Chloe likes it about 3 mph and 10 % grade and Bailey likes about 4.5 mph and 30% grade. This is done without leash after training them and they actually jump on and wait for me to turn it on and bark at the other dog when they have to wait their turn.

  3. Hey Cindy, Juliet and I were in San Fran on that day - getting very wet! Back here in UK it has been raining like Noah is coming back - as you can see from Radar's blog - you should try Pooh Sticks with your 2 - Radar liked it (I think!).