Monday, November 9, 2009

Chasing Rabbits

It's a good day, if we find a jack rabbit in the wetlands. We were searching high & low for rabbits and we only found one. The rabbit population seems to be dwindling in this area...too many dogs chasing them. Where ever we go, Turbie is always good at sniffing out a tennis ball. For her a tennis ball is almost as exciting as a jack rabbit.


  1. Cindy, Bailey has only found one rabbit. The jack rabbit ran at 45mph and Bailey ran at 40mph.
    Good thing to.

    Chloe, like Turbie, will go any where for a tennis ball.

    Watch out using real tennis balls because the coating on them have a material that is like sandpaper on your dogs teeth and wear their teeth down.

    Air ball squeakers don't have this and won't wear out the dogs teeth.

    Looking forward to future bike rides.

  2. Like Bailey, Radar's a bit to slow to catch rabbits & occasionally doesn't even notice they're there...they've been known to walk right behind him!!!

    BTW, thanks for your message re his stitches - luckily he can't quite reach with his tongue though once they start to scab over I intend to put Manuka honey & Vit E on...he might find that extra millimetre then!!