Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Backpacking at Cherry Creek Canyon

We just got back from a 4 day backpacking trip with the dogs. It was their first adventure in the Sierra's and we had a lot of surprises during our trip. The hike was about 9 miles into "no name" lake. The terrain wasn't too demanding, but the heat was brutal. The hike took a little longer than expected, because we made numerous stops for water to make sure everyone was well hydrated. While taking a little break, Turbie found our first rattlesnake. That was pretty scary, but we all managed to escape, before it decided to strike. We decided to have the dogs carry their own packs with their food and booties. Our packs were maxed out on space and the dog food took up a lot of room. This proved to be a good decision and the dogs did great with the packs. The views were spectacular from our campsite and we bagged Mercur peak on our so called "rest day". It's pretty incredible to have a whole lake to yourself and you can pick out the best real estate to set up camp. We all had a great time on our first backpacking adventure for the year...more to come.



  1. Awesome, finally figured out how to follow you!

  2. Love that part of the state. Coloma is one of our favorite destinations in the fall. You four look like you are all in good shape. Good partnership.