Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What to do on a hot day?

Go to the beach! We went to Crissy Field this morning and it was already 75 degrees at 930am. The dogs did a lot of swimming and chasing the ball. Remo loves to chase the ball and then he digs a hole in the sand. We had a fantastic time and we could cool off in the water.

Not dog related, but later I met my friend Hugo and we did the Paradise loop around Tiburon. Beautiful views of the city and golden gate bridge. Of course, the ride wouldn't be complete, if we didn't stop at Peet's. Look at the beautiful latte the barista made me. This is the Peet's in Corte Madera. Just one more ride over the Corte Madera hill and I'm back in Mill Valley. What a day!

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