Friday, February 4, 2011

Waggers Conquer Paradise Royale

We just spent 4 days in Humboldt County at Paradise Royale/Tolkan Campground. It really felt like we were out there in the middle of no where but, we were nestled in a beautiful forrest and with an ocean about 4 miles away. Paradise Royale is a really cool mountain bike park. There's a 14 mile cross country loop, a terrain park (jumps & stunts), and a pump track.

After talking with a few people they told us the cross country loop would take about two and half hours. I was a bit concerned about the distance for the waggers, but they go for 2 hour hikes every day, so we decided to take them on the ride. It was really perfect conditions; cool temperatures, lotsa shade, and several creek crossings. It was a fun singletrack trail, but 75% of the time we were going up hill. Remo is really good at conserving his energy, he would just trot or walk behind us on the uphill...not Turbie, she's full speed ahead. I only saw her start to slow down the last couple miles. We did the mountain bike loop on our first and last day there. Great riding and hiking in this area. The dogs loved it!

The campground was perfect because it had access to the trailheads. There were 9 campsites and they had so much space & privacy. I'm looking forward to going back there in March.

Unfortunately our photos didn't turn out that great. Hopefully, I'll get better ones on the next trip.

p.s. we just got our new license plates "rdwggrs"

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  1. looks like your pups had a blast. Wish we had more places like that here. Sounds like you all are the perfect owners for these outdoor/adventure loving dogs.